Weeds and words and things.

Well, well, well, look who thinks she can be a blogger.  Oh, la.

I’ve created this blog not with the intent for other people to look and see, but for the purpose of introspection.  Perhaps I’ll be able to hone my writing skills?  An outlet for my thoughts?  This is the only place I can think of (besides a diary) in which I can keep a daily/weekly/monthly record of my life, while also improving my writing speed (a number one goal) and my writing quality.

I guess my decision to start a blog can also be attributed to my recent knowledge about the… dun dun dun… COLLEGE ESSAY.  It’s a scary thing, really.  An essay in which we are forced to talk about ourselves?  Blasphemy!  They say that writing about yourself is the easiest, but I wholeheartedly disagree.  If anything, I feel pretentious and egotistical when I write about myself.  And, since I’m evidently not accustomed to ‘myself’ as a writing subject, this blog will have to suffice as my practice.  Maybe if I exercise the subject (myself) enough, I’ll get the hang of it… and then my college essay experience will be painless… and then everything in the world will be peachy perfect!

I shall begin by recounting my magnificent trip to the George F. Canyon conservatory center yesterday.  Seeing that my environmental science AP class requires that I participate in one fieldwork activity per semester, I thought that this weekend would be the prime time to get it done and over with.  No soccer, minimal homework, a weekend before things spin out of control- yes, a good choice.  It just happens that the fieldwork opportunity this weekend was a very exciting get-together in nature to pull weeds.  WOO!  I was about to refuse to attend this one, when Allison cheerily informed me that we would get free Disneyland tickets if we went.  Oh, incentives.  Too irresistible.  And so, with that in mind, I agreed to go be a gardener for a day.

Turns out that with your best friend and her hilarious father, pulling weeds ain’t all that bad.  Within the first five minutes of working, ol’ Dougy-Boy had successfully uprooted about a hundred long weeds and completely filled his bucket.  Can you say pro-weeder?  In the meantime, Allison and I were amateurs- we even had to join forces to wrench out a couple of stubborn weeds, all the while squealing about our shoes getting dirty.  Heh heh.  That’s a PV girl for you.

Here’s a polaroid of Allison and I flaunting our weeds.  (YEAH!)

I am proud to announce that we cleared an entire path of weeds, thus eliminating a pernicious invasive species from the area.  Word.

On that gleeful note, I believe I should be getting back to my APUSH studies.  Being the scholar that I am, I have a very strong desire to do well on the test tomorrow.

Until next time, Mr. Blawg.


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