If you had the answers because I wasn’t sharp

In response to the recent Pacific coast tsunami warning, I decided to go on a run alongside my neighborhood’s wonderful cliffs.  That inevitably begs the question and/or exclamation of:  OMGWHATIFTHETSUNAMIACTUALLYHIT?!  No fear.  Our sacred little community would be ninety-nine-point-nine percent protected from damage.  You see, the cliffs would act as a gargantuan shield against the tsunami… therefore, the force of the wave would abate drastically upon making contact with the cliffs.  And this is, of course, all scientifically proven in the workings of my ultra-scientific brain.  So take that, natural disasters!

Well I guess I was destined to get soaked in water, tsunami or not, because it started raining whilst I was running.  Aside from my spanking-new running shoes getting caked in mud, it was actually very refreshing and enjoyable to exercise in the rain.  At one point I whipped my head around to screen my eyes from the raindrops… to discover that a rainbow had materialized right behind me.  Yes, I am about five years old, and yes I stopped to gaze at it in fascination.  It made a perfect arch over the cliff (or should I say an “ellipse”, as that is what I am currently learning to graph in math class.  *Nerd alert!*).  I’ve never been in such close proximity with a rainbow, so that was pretty kewl.

Andddd adventure number two this weekend: getting to know Johann Sebastian Bach.  I don’t know about you, but I think I’m on first-name terms with lil’ Johann, considering the vast amount of time I spent at his festival… so appropriately named the “Bach Festival”.  All in all, I believe I heard seventy-five Bach pieces played over the course of six hours.  Some pieces were played well, some were not (to put it nicely).  I witnessed everything from fatal memory slips to exceptional performances, all the while trying to eavesdrop on the judges’ conversations in between programs.  My job of assisting my piano teacher in chairing the competition did not entail much work, so I ended up being a major lurker while pretending to be engrossed in the book The Great Gatsby.

Now I would like to extend my congratulations to Kendra, who performed her Partita well and will be advancing to the regionals of the Bach Festival!  Clap clap YAY!

I would also like to congratulate myself for so foolishly agreeing to participate in the Science Olympiad competition this Saturday.  I’ve clearly dug myself into a hole, as I am supposedly competing in two categories (Ecology and Environmental Chemistry), but I’ve barely paid any attention in my Environmental Science AP class this year.  What a fantastic opportunity to let my school down while also making a laughingstock out of myself!

Completely unrelated: Here’s a leftover/reject picture of me at the weeding site.

*Title of post credit goes to the lyrics of “Send Packing” by All-Time Quarterback


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