There’s got to be a simpler explanation

Nitrogen fertilizer, gas chromatograph, flocculation, trace elements, soil horizons, mole conversions WHAAAA?  That shall serve as my synopsis for Saturday’s affairs at the Science Olympiad.

As you may guess, I survived.

And by some weird and twisted luck, I managed to place second in both of the events that I competed in.  Do I smell a touch of irony here, folks?  The girl who was thrown into the mix at the last minute and who was very unenthusiastic to participate….. wins?  My partner and I were the only ones to win our events for our school, with the exception of another kid on the team who won fourth in his event.  Later, I found out that our victories weren’t just second places out of, saaay, ten schools.  Try second place out of thirty-six schools.  UM, craziness?  I think it would be accurate to deem this a stroke of serendipity.

So, I sported my classy medals for the remainder of the night, reveling in the celebratory clink clink of the metal.  Needless to say, I felt extremely geeky to be so overwhelmingly excited about winning Science Olympiad.

Oh, how cute, the little science olympian.

*Title of post credit goes to the lyrics of “Scientist Studies” by Death Cab for Cutie


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