A childhood prisoner of the garden gate

It’s been a while since I’ve written, and I apologize.  Usually I wait for an interesting event to write about, and evidently these so-called “interesting events” have been seriously lacking in the past weeks.  It’s all just school, school, then school, oh and more school… but ALAS!  It is now Spring Break.  If there’s one word to describe how my spring break has been going so far, I would have to label it “fail”.  Sure, no school and everything, but some teachers (*cough* the one who teaches AP US History and brings her dog to school every day *cough*) seem to misunderstand the dictionary definition of break: a pause in work. It’s all good, though.  I know that the 24 excerpts she has assigned us to read are absolutely necessary, seeing that we need to cover all of the textbook before the AP test in May.

That which I have just expounded upon is “Spring Break Fail #1”.

Now onto “Spring Break Fail #2”.  This incident is kind of/sort of embarrassing, and I know that no one can really relate unless you are an avid, obsessive fan of Ben Gibbard (which I’m totally not *cue creepy grin*).  Anyways, I miraculously found out about this super-clandestine show that he is going to play this Saturday in LA, so of course I immediately called the show venue to make sure that it was legitimate.  Sure enough, it was confirmed that tickets were available.  The venue, the Largo, only seats 280 people, and on top of that you have to actually call to buy tickets.  Due to my stupidity, I pulled a “Oh, I’ll just call tomorrow to buy the tickets after making sure my friend can go with me.”  I’m not entirely sure about my reasoning there, considering that I had already texted my friend within minutes of finding out about the show….. and she had said yes.  So whoop-de-doo, I was really excited and everything, went to school the next day, came home, dialed up the Largo, then the automated voice came on the line: The Ben Gibbard show is SOLD OUT, please stop calling.  Thank you! I slammed the phone down in a rage and called two more times as if the automated voice was going to say something more favorable to my situation (i.e. more tickets left!)  But nooope, all gone.  None left.  Needless to say, I was disappointed beyond belief and I could not concentrate on anything for the remainder of the day.  That show would have been the cherry-on-top to my Spring Break.  I guess I can now personally verify the little proverb that says “the early bird gets the worm.”

With that said, here goes “Spring Break Fail #3”.  This one has to do with my driving test, and noo it’s not what you’re thinking.  No, I did not receive my license.  HOWEVER, it wasn’t my doing or my fault.  My road test was scheduled for today at 1:30 and we were there on time, more or less.  After about 15 minutes of circling around the DMV parking lot, we finally managed to snag a spot.  Then I entered the building to check in at the counter, with my paperwork in hand.  Everything seemed fine– I had my permit, insurance card, etc– until the man asked for the car registration.  Say whaaat?  It’s in the car, says father.  He hurries out to retrieve it, but in vain.  The mean mean mean lady at the counter informs us coldly that we have until 1:50 to bring it in, or else I have to reschedule my driving test.  No problem, we say, except that it is currently 1:43 and we live 20 minutes away.  The lady is obviously not going to budge, so I am forced to set my test for ten days later.  I left the DMV empty-handed.

Oh well.  I have a feeling that this is not the end to the “fails” that are certain to plague my Spring Break in the coming days, so I better brace myself.

*Title of post credit to lyrics of “Sing” by She & Him

(in honor of their new record, Volume Two, which is fabulous)


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