I see you moving trees

As if this hasn’t been said a squi-jillion times before, but earthquakes are scary.  Seriously, Earth’s crust/plate tectonics/the San Andreas Fault (excuse my primitive knowledge): please refrain from quaking the earth!  Given the frequency of earthquakes this year and last, I’m starting to get a tad bit concerned.  There’s pretty much a laundry list of places that’ve been hit by earthquakes recently, including but not limited to Haiti and Chile and Baja California.  Oh, and my hometown.  One time I was innocently working on music theory during my piano lesson when I felt a surge from below.  Another time I felt the house move while I was home alone– and I proceeded to scramble under the kitchen table.  During the infamous “Easter earthquake”, I was in the car and didn’t feel it.  If I did, the shake probably could’ve been blamed on my friend’s bad driving.

I’ve got plenty of other earthquake-experience-stories in my back pocket, and I’m sure you would be delighted to read about them, but it would probably be more interesting if I talked about something interesting…. namely, SCHOLAR QUIZ!

It only happens once a year, in the month of April, exclusively at my high school.  For all of the knowledge-hungry, intensely competitive students at our school (like myself), Scholar Quiz is a chance to show off our trivia skillzzz in a school wide tournament.  We students congregate into teams of four to compete… you can only imagine how fierce that process gets.  It’s essentially a race to combine the highest GPA’s at our school, in turn creating a super-team of 4.0 brainiacs.  You’ve also got to make sure that your team is “well rounded” because the questions can range from academics to pop culture.  Anyways, I would say that I’m on a solid team.  We’ve got potential.

Here’s the way Scholar Quiz works:: two teams going against each other and a teacher firing questions at us.  Each player is equipped with a paddle that is to be raised with speed when you know the answer.  Every time you’re correct, you earn points for your team.  You have to be a fast thinker as well as one with quick arm instincts (as silly as that sounds).

My team’s first match was on Thursday, and I was understandably nervous.  It was my Scholar Quiz debut, as I had only watched other people play when I was a freshman and a sophomore.  We played another team of juniors who were equally as smart as us and equally 4.0 GPA loaded.  I started out a bit rusty, mostly because I wasn’t quick enough to answer the questions that I knew.  But as the game progressed, I got more into it and was able to score a lot of points for my team.  Inventor of the cotton gin? ELI WHITNEY!  Inventor of the mechanical reaper?  CYRUS MCCORMICK!  My glory moment was when I answered a ballet question correctly, reaching way back into my childhood years as a ballerina.

We ended up winning the game by a very small margin, so we will be advancing to the second round on Monday.  The good news?  We get to participate in this fun event again.  The bad news?  We happen to be playing the number one ranked team next.  It’s sort of bittersweet; getting creamed by another team in front of an audience is often embarrassing.

Last random note, I promise– I passed my driving test.  WELL HELLO LICENSED DRIVER JENNA!  Henceforth, I will probably be used as a pawn by by mother, who would rather stay at home and watch Glee than go to pick up my sister from ballet.  It’s also probable that she’s conjuring up a diabolical plan for me to bring her back coffee ice cream from Yogurtland every day.  Anyhow, she was suspiciously ecstatic when she found out I passed.

*Title of post credit goes to the lyrics of “Dear God (Sincerely M.O.F.)” by Monsters of Folk


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