Vietnam fishing trips, Italian opera

Holy cow guyz, I am going to be sev-uhn-teen on Tuesday.  Which means I can go see a rated-R movie all by myself.  Without parental supervision.  Now I don’t have to be all illegal and surreptitiously sneak in to see them (this only happened one time. I’m not that rebellious, as teenagers usually are).

It’s too bad that Tuesday happens to be my least favorite day of the week and that I consider “seventeen” to be an incredibly unlucky number.  Hopefully this sort of misfortune will not transpire next year.  My birthday will consist of waking up at 7 AM to drive through the 405 traffic to get to work, then coming home at 3 for a piano lesson.  My piano teacher stays at our house until about 8 PM teaching other students, so yeah, PARTY AFTER 8.  MY HOUSE.  SPREAD THE WORD (no.)  9 o’clock seems to be my recurring bedtime on the nights that I have work the next day, so any birthday “fun” will have to be nonexistent.

It’s alright, though.  I have events planned to celebrate my birthday on false August 3rd’s (in which we will pretend that it is August 3rd, but it is not actually August 3rd, but we go along with it anyways).  The actual date that my birthday falls on has never been favorable; for example, it is never on a weekend or a Friday.  Curse you, August 3rd.  I still remember the time when I had to go to a full day soccer camp on my birthday.  I was not a happy camper, especially when I got home and had to ice my heel.

So, who saw Inception?!

For those who have yet to see this movie and would like to know from a reliable source if it actually lives up to all the hype, you heard it from me.  It did.  It lived up so much that I willingly sat through it a second time for my friend, something that I don’t usually do.  The first time I went, I guess I didn’t concentrate enough because the layered plot thoroughly befuddled me.  If you go, make sure to put your thinking cap on; it’s not the type of movie to sit back and relax, so to speak.  Let’s just say that for an hour after we saw it, my dad would not stop theorizing/forcing his opinion on us about the ending… and I still don’t think he’s right.  But no matter how perplexing the subject matter of the movie, it still has a comprehensible storyline with impressive “Batman-esque” special effects and superb acting.  I always thought Leonardo DiCaprio was overrated until I saw this film, but then again I haven’t really seen any of his movies since Romeo + Juliet, which was ages ago.  Ellen Page, who plays Adriadne (where’d they come up with that name?), was surprisingly good as well.  I kind of tuned out on her after I saw Juno.  As for Joseph Gordon-Levitt….. well, I already knew he was top-notch.  Manic and (500) Days of Summer, baby.

I believe I forgot to mention that the movie is about dreams.  Both nights after I saw it, I had an estimate of ten different dreams and woke up multiple times from the craziness.  Yeah, it was so good that it messed up my sleeping pattern.  If you know me well, you are aware that I normally sleep like a log.

*Title: “Hospital Beds” by the Cold War Kids


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