The interstates, they don’t connect

I feel like it’s been a year since I’ve written, so hello there.  The month of August, for me, has been characterized by a couple of things in particular: my daily trek to work, my birthday, my summer homework (BLAH), and my roadtrip to Big Sur (which will be the paramount focus of this post).  In the words of my highly intelligent sister Kendra, “I don’t even know what a Big Sur is.”  If you, too, are clueless as to what exactly a “Big Sur” might be, I hope that the following explanation clears things up.  Big Sur is a beautiful, scenic place along the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Northern California, and tons of people enjoy vacationing or camping there because it’s very woodsy/outdoorsy.  There is basically a single highway, the famous Highway One, that runs through Big Sur and its neighboring towns.

Camping, however, was not the reason for my pilgrimage to Big Sur for the weekend.  As a late birthday present, Mom agreed to drive me up there to see a concert featuring my favorite musician Benjamin Gibbard.  The event also included a screening of a documentary about the writer Jack Keroauc, which is called One Fast Move Or I’m Gone: Kerouac’s Big Sur. Ben and his cohort Jay Farrar created the soundtrack for this documentary, so they agreed to appear at this event to perform the entire album.  I declared this mini-trip to be my “birthday party” and invited/forced my friend Haley to come with me and my mother.  Haley had no idea what the heck she was going to, so I would like to extend a grateful thanks to her for being a trooper!

We ‘suburbians’ were somewhat mislead into thinking that we were staying in a full-service hotel, only to find that our Big Sur “hotel” could be more accurately classified as a “lodge” or a “cottage.”  There was no television, no WiFi (to mom’s dismay), and a contraption that you could call an air conditioning unit if you were talking about the kind of air conditioning that spits out hot air in lieu of cold air.  In short, it was wilderness and wilderness only.  At least the beds were comfy.

Haley and I have left the 'comfort' of our room to smile in front of a Redwood tree.

The concert, my friends, was lovely.

It was surreal to be in the immediate presence of two of my faves, Ben Gibbard and Zooey Deschanel.  The outdoor venue (called the Henry Miller Library, but it’s not a library) was very small and intimate, and it was surrounded by the woods and assorted nature.

This picture should give you an idea of the vibe of the concert.
Ben on the left. Jay on the right. I am not using my camera's zoom, and I was sitting towards the back. That's how small the venue was!

After the concert, they screened the Jack Kerouac documentary.  I learned a lot about ol’ Jack and the Beat Generation, but the film was just a tad-bit too long for an informative documentary.  Although Haley and I were starting to get antsy and cold after an hour-and-a-half of sitting there watching, it was so relaxing out there in the woods.  The whole event itself was amazingly chill, with the exception of a few drunkards who decided to laugh obnoxiously at inappropriate times.  I guess that was expected since the only choices of drink at the venue were wine and beer.

I’ll bombard you with one last picture.

During the drive home, Haley took over the role of photographer.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my escapade in the woods.  It probably meant next to nothing to my mom who drove me and Haley who accompanied me, but it meant the world to me that I got to go.  So, THANKS MOM AND HALEY!

*Title of post lyrics of: “One Fast Move Or I’m Gone” by Jay Farrar & Benjamin Gibbard

(These words are actually from Jack Kerouac’s novel Big Sur)


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