A time of right and reason

So.  I recently decided to take up photography.  I just thought, “HMM maybe since I write a blog, and I’m that kind of cool, I should get really artsy and post abstract/profound photos to express my ever-changing teenage moods?”  Luckily my dad just purchased one of those fancy high-quality cameras, so it hasn’t been too hard for me to let this simple idea blossom into something real.

Okay, just pulling your leg.  I promise I won’t be one of those kids.

To be perfectly honest, I’ve “taken” a couple pictures on our new camera without noticing that the lens-cap was still on.  I also managed to momentarily disable its picture-taking ability by merely sliding the “on” switch.  I guess the holy camera gods wanted to thwart my nature photoshoot or something, but it remains a mystery as to how that happened.  I couldn’t figure out how make that nasty error message go away, so my dad had to whip out the Nokia (EDIT: apparently I don’t know the difference between a cell phone company and a camera. I meant “Nikon”) manual and reset the camera.  So yeah, basically, I was born a photographer.

MEANWHILE, please enjoy these refreshing snapshots of flowers in our front yard.  I had to battle with Auto-Focus in order to acquire these; even worse, I had to stand in a bush that a family of bees was buzzing around in.  I was expecting an enraged sting from one of the little fellas, but I suppose they were in cheery spirits because of the abundance of pollen and whatnot.

Actually, these photos are for my Literary Publications class at school.  (No, my mood today cannot be represented by enchanting photographs of flowers).  We were all assigned to create a practice spreadsheet for the “Tradewinds” section of the school yearbook, so we had to take two photos and write two poems to put the pages together.  As you can see, I got really original and used nature as my artistic subject.  These were the best three photos that I could get; the others were painfully unattractive on account of blurriness and these ugly flies that kept trying to steal the spotlight.

Now for a status update on the college admissions process.  The college admissions process, for me, is 97.8% OVER.  All I have to do is make last touches to my essays, get my teacher recommendation letters, and press the “submit” button on CommonApp.org.  I understand what people mean when they say that applying for college is a stressful experience, but I somehow eluded that stress by working on my apps during the summer (when I had nothing better to do).  I pity those seniors who have barely made a dent in their apps because managing them during school would be a whole different story for me.

*The title of this post is accredited to the song “Strange Powers” by The Magnetic Fields


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