Time it was, and what a time it was

We voted for our high school senior Homecoming Court today.  When handed the nominations ballot, I was mildly appalled to see my name listed first on the enumeration of nominated girls.  I had two concerns with this.  First of all, I was definitely not notified prior to the printing of my name on the ballot.  [When entering Popularity Contests, I prefer to give my consent by signing my name off on an official document.  Please and thank you.]  Second of all, who was in charge of these nominations?  Because I’m pretty sure I rank near the bottom in the PV High School hierarchy of popularity?  Then I remembered that the Homecoming Court is nominated by the teachers.  OH.  [That would explain why all the kids on the ballot are either high-key or low-key nerds.]

So, chuckling at the hilarity of the situation, I realized it was a fait accompli that my name had been put in the running for such a title.  I proceeded to vote for myself.

The ironic thing?  I don’t think I’ve gone to either the Homecoming game or dance since freshman year.  I’m not exactly a bundle of school spirit (that could change when I go to college…), and I’m not the type to count down the days until a school dance.  It’s not that I have a deep-seated aversion towards dances; I will go if it becomes necessary.  I just don’t love occupying my night in a sweat-drenched, freak-dancing-exhibition auditorium while my ears are being assailed by Katy Perry and Lil Wayne.  Something went terribly wrong in the evolution of high school dances– whatever happened to the classy dancing ubiquitous in the movie 10 Things I Hate About You?  I propose going back in time.  Come on, kids.  We don’t need to be raunchy to have fun!

Unrelated: please enjoy this month-old photo of my mom and I walking in Big Sur. 

*Title: “Bookends” by Simon and Garfunkel


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