Blankets on the beach

For starters, holy moly– I haven’t blogged in a year (aka a month if you’re not a fan of hyperbolic statements).  However long it’s been, it was probably enough to keep you a wonderin’ what I’ve been so busy with so as to neglect my blogging responsibilities.  I wish I had some grand excuse along the lines of I-was-out-inventing-the-new-Facebook or I-went-to-Africa-to-build-homes-for-underprivileged-families, but no, I was actually just sitting in my cave with my eyes transfixed on a computer screen and occasionally my biology textbook.  It’s been something of a blogging slump (“blump”?), largely due to a dreary October/period of inactivity in my life.

I was hoping that Halloween would give me something entertaining to write about, but any possibility of that was shattered when I found out that I had a calculus test the morning after.  Nevertheless, I dressed up as an elf from the movie Elf to keep in the old holiday spirit.  I never really planned on going trick-or-treating (I don’t think people give out candy to seventeen year olds…), yet it would have been nice to spend Halloween handing out candy instead of studying derivatives and optimization.

Since there is literally nothing from my life that I could blog about, I’m going to take a minute to recommend a movie that everyone should see.  Yesterday, after I finished my gross biology genetics packet, I turned on the TV to kill some time before starting my poem on one of the Three Comforters in the play J.B.  Typically, there is absolutely nothing worth watching (t0 me, at least), but I got super excited to see that The Cove had just started playing on one of the movie channels.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the film, it’s a documentary about dolphins…. and how they’re getting slaughtered in Japan.  It’s one of those films that was only playing in select theaters for a limited time, so I never got the chance to see it when it was out.  Basically, this team of American activists is investigating the clandestine and illegal massacre of dolphins every September at this hidden cove in Japan.  The movie documents their mission to reveal this to the public and subsequently topple the multi-billion dollar dolphin meat/slaughter industry.  Apparently, Japanese markets and restaurants were illicitly selling dolphin meat to the masses, and the government knew about it but didn’t try to stop it.  What the team caught on tape at the cove is disturbing beyond belief, almost ineffable.  I cannot fathom the idea that human beings would partake in such barbarity just for the money, just to satisfy their inordinate greed.  A powerful quote from the movie that resonated with me was “You’re either an activist or an inactivist.”  I, unfortunately, fall into the latter category, but I fully respect those who devote their lives to a cause like this one.

Go see it! Rent it! Randomly catch in on television!

(but, uhm, if you’re easily nauseated by blood and/or dying animals, watch Hannah Montana instead)

*Title: “First Day of My Life” by Bright Eyes


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