People going into the stratosphere

Deferral–  overall, just bland and anti-climactic.  Such a fate ended my foray into the world of Early Decision applications.  In case you weren’t aware, I applied early to Brown, and decisions came out about three days ago.  My application has now been moved into the regular decision pile, which is not an outright rejection, but something along the lines of “hey, we don’t want to hurt your feelings right away, so we’ll wait three more months and then do it.”  After having experienced it, I can confirm that a deferral is commensurate to a firmly-delivered punch to the face.  It doesn’t knock you unconscious, but it surely tests your resilience.  Pessimism aside, I’m glad that the essays I wrote for other schools are not going to waste.  I had been secretly wishing that Tufts would get to read my awesome essay on my favorite band.  Also, I’m pretty excited to see which schools accept me (or reject me).  ALL IS NOT LOST.

I shall not dwell on it any longer.

Winter break is here!  Finally, a respite from the demands of school.  With the exception of six chapters of Bio.  And reading Act IV of Hamlet. And extra credit calculus work.  And hustling to finish the physical portion of my Senior Project (the worst).  Really, though, I’m not griping about any of this stuff.  I’m sure there’ll be a lot of down-time on the cruise, also taking into account the five-hour plane ride(s).

Another life update: my Las Ninas Evergreen Ball is rapidly approaching.  The waltzing is coming along nicely; I basically got the routine down by the second lesson.  Dad, on the other hand, is a very different story, and I would appreciate it if he would staple the “box step” into his brain.  Otherwise, ’tis all good.

I have additionally been required by the organization to attend hourlong curtsy lessons.  On any other day I might launch into a polemical outburst against such folderol, but today I’ll leave it at this– no comment.

*Post title: “I’m Sticking With You” by The Velvet Underground


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