All these words from my mouth

Thank you to the attendees of my Las Niñas Evergreen Ball!  It was an incredibly special night.  Heck, I felt like I was getting married or something.  Minus the groom, of course.  One of my friends described it quite aptly as “the first important event of your life.”  At the time, cynical as I am, I didn’t comprehend how a senior debutante ball could be so important.  But then the day came,  it was GO TIME, and I realized that fancy hairstyles and curtsies and white gloves are not to be taken lightly.  Especially when hundreds of people are watching.

I deem the ball a success– at least on my part.  My presentation flowed nicely (minor glitch… my dad briefly forgot to hug me at the bottom of the stairs), but he definitely atoned for his mistake by performing the waltz immaculately.  There is a video on YouTube of my entire presentation plus the waltz and other informal dancing, but I’m still too scared to watch it.  Also, I’m not narcissistic, so watching it would just be weird.

I’ve never been one for brazen displays of ‘girliness’ and glamour, but on a night like this you don’t really have any other choice but to stick it out and rock your inner diva.  And you know what?  I didn’t mind.  Through all the presumed silliness – memorizing dance steps, intense makeup, five million cameras in my face – I found myself enjoying the occasion and saving the eye rolls.  Not once did I have the urge to kvetch about my fellow Las Niñas or the event as a whole, because for the time being, we were all linked by this rare sense of camaraderie.  Our senior class tends to be clique-y, with girls falling into one coterie or the other, but the ball was like this all-unifying phenomenon that obscured our social structure.  Such companionship probably won’t be mirrored at future functions like the monthly meetings, but ’twas nice while it lasted.

In the meantime, happy (almost) SECOND SEMESTER SENIOR to me!  The holiday, which I like to abbreviate as SSS, lasts from January 24th until graduation.  It is characterized by frequent laziness and a generally dismissive attitude.  Lates.

*Title: “10 A.M. Automatic” by The Black Keys


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