Lost the fight but won the war

I would like to formally apprise you of a milestone in my life.

My braces are coming off on February 23rd.  FOR GOOD.  Feelings of relief and rapture are concurrently flowing through my body, and probably will be for the entire month of February.

You see, I was starting to get apprehensive about the whole braces situation, especially since my orthodontist was being super vague about the date of getting them off.  Honestly, if it didn’t happen before my graduation from high school, I was going to tear off those little parasites myself.

In other news, my sister Kendra and I played in our first ‘four-hands piano ensemble’ competition this weekend (four-hands piano = two pianists sitting side by side at one piano).  Things were not looking good in the days leading up to the performance– we would constantly bicker over trivialities during practice– but we definitely discarded of our cantankerous inclinations on the day of.  Long story short, we won second place in the Advanced category of the competition!  Unfortunately we fell one place short of the cash prize, but hey, we still got sweet trophies and resumé rights.

Remember when I said that second semester senior year was going to be a walk in the park?  Turns out that nothing changed, and I’m still inundated with the same amount of schoolwork as last semester.  When sitting at a lab table and working on my Biology AP plant microscope drawings today (which are, by the way, the most ridiculously intricate and time-consuming things that I’ve ever had to do), my friend mentioned that she keeps “waiting for senior year to get easier.”  Blame it on bloated expectations, but it doesn’t look like we’re going to coast right up to that graduation stage.  Which means that I better turn my brain on again.

*Title from “The N.S.” by Sloan


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