Kings and queens of future time

A while back, I remember convincing myself that I would just “know” which college I would attend after all the decisions were in– and I genuinely believed that, too.  Well, strike fifty-bajillion to my clairvoyance, because it’s been three days since the final decisions arrived, and I DO NOT “JUST KNOW” WHICH COLLEGE I WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND.  No startling epiphanies, no aha! moments, no bouts of college-selecting brilliance.  It’s not because I don’t like any of the schools enough; it’s because my choices are just too darn good. No, I didn’t worm my way into that elusive Ivy League (surprise, surprise), but I did get accepted to every other school to which I applied, and to which I probably fit much better into.  I’ve narrowed my consideration list down to Wesleyan, Tufts, and Berkeley, and since then have been going through erratic fits of vacillating between the three.  There are so many things to mull over.  People keep telling me where they think I should go; I know exactly where my parents want me to go; ‘admitted student’ Facebook groups (ahem Wes ahem) make me like certain schools exponentially more; I get warm congratulating emails from alumni, students, and professors associated with their respective schools; I can’t decide if I am a West coast or an East coast girl at heart; I don’t know if I’d like to be coddled by a small private school for the next four years or if I’m ready to be catapulted into a huge public university, AKA the real world.

Luckily, I have the opportunity to visit all three of these colleges in the coming weeks.  I sincerely hope that I hate something about two out the three, or else, as my mom predicts, I’ll be even more mired in confusion about which to choose.  I’m certain that I’d be happy at all three, but the question is, which one will I be the happiest at?

Ultimately it’ll come down to me shutting myself in my room for a good hour and hashing out a decision via internal debate and color-coded pro and con lists.  I really want to make this decision myself, so sorry to Mom and Dad if you guys feel like you aren’t getting much of a say in the process.  I do realize that the frontal lobe of my seventeen-year old brain isn’t fully developed and that as a teenager I am prone to impulsiveness and emotion-driven decisions, but please bear with me.

Even if I pick the college whose colors look best on me.

*Title: “She Loves The Way They Love Her” by Colin Blunstone


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