Therapy car noise

This is the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard.  (Click through)

It doesn’t even need lyrics.

Feels like one minute and fifty seconds of floating atop a silvery nebula of melodious, graceful euphoria.  From the piano meshing with the subdued strings, to the singer’s vocal harmonies giving way to muddled colloquy and a lightly crackling fire, this song makes me think of every beautiful thing that has happened in my life and every beautiful thing that will happen in my life.  It’s like a “sonic shoulder”1 for me to rest my head on, a fluttering melody that plants reassuring thoughts into my mind.

What strikes me the most, however, is that the sinister undertones of the song never really eclipse ‘dreamlike optimism’ as the paramount aura.  I can’t help but parallel this (maybe intentional?) artistic technique to something a lot of us need to remember: hey, life is going to suck sometimes, but keep yo’ head up because in the end everything turns out alright.

And lastly, I don’t know why, but the song also brings to mind when Andrew told Albert,”Good luck exploring the infinite abyss” in the film Garden State, and then Albert responded with, “You too.”  That’s deep stuff right there.

The song is called “Therapy Car Noise” by Department of Eagles.  I highly recommend their record, In Ear Park.  

1 Phrase borrowed from a Wilco song.