Miles, miles, miles

I dare you all to guess how emotional these last two days have been for me.  I don’t even know how to explain it other than saying that I’ve been blessed in some supernatural way.  You guys – I am a published writer, I was invited to a mansion to witness the AdWeek cover photo-shoot for the HelloGiggles co-founders yesterday, I met one of my favorite bloggers/writers and HelloGiggles co-founder Molly, I have the sweetest boss ever (HG co-founder Sophia), I got to hang around Zooey Deschanel (other HG co-founder) for two days in a row, and my birthday is on Wednesday.

The possibility of this post getting really cheesy really fast is a little too much to handle, so I’m going to truncate my thoughts in a bold attempt to preserve my current facade of coolness.  Hold on while I put on my sepia-toned, aviator RayBan sunglasses that I found in the backseat of my car because someone left them there, and let me sit contently in the corner of the room with an aloof expression on my face and my arms crossed.

Dad: “She has prettier eyes than you.”