The whole love

Tricked ya!  I’m not dead!  Really!  (I’m just busy.)

I write this post from the comfort of my dorm room, which will be my abode for the next eight months.  I’m proud to say that my room defies everything you may have heard about dorms – it’s homey, spacious, and clean.  So, yeah.  No rats up in here.

Honestly, though, I feel like writing a post about my first weeks in college would be extremely trite.  If you want to hear about how I read my lit anthology for four hours straight in the library the other day, or how I get to sleep in until 9 AM every day, like, hit me up with a call or a text.  I’d be happy to provide lurid detail.

So basically the above paragraph was just my passive-aggressive way of informing you that I’m not going to talk about college life at all in this post!

Instead I’d like to switch gears and reflect on how incredible/life changing/surreal my summer was.

Firstly, I don’t even know how to adequately thank my friends over at HelloGiggles for the blast I had with the internship.  Going to the HG offices throughout the summer was truly splendid, and I am still in awe about all the cool people I got to meet and all the cool places I got to go to as a member of the team.  More importantly, the internship gave me a real taste of what it means to WORK and how sometimes (most times) having a job leads to stress.  Nevertheless, the up’s and down’s of my tenure at HG allowed me to hone my time management skills, my independence, and many other personal attributes.  I guess it’ll always be one of those things that I look back on and think, “Did that really happen?”

Secondly, I feel so grateful that I was able to see my favorite band (DCfC) not once, not twice, not thrice, but four times in concert.  I would even go so far as to say that those were the best times of my life.  If you really think about it, it’s the most silly thing in the world to invest so much emotion into a band, to “love a band so much that it hurts”1, to be so affected by a piece of music that you shed tears.  But that’s literally how I would epitomize my affection for DCfC.  Anyone could tell you that I’m generally not a sentimental person – I have been compared to a rock, and rightfully so – yet, music is capable of strumming my heartstrings like no other.  No joke, every time I saw them live this summer, I felt infinite (and I don’t even know precisely what “feeling infinite” means).  It was sort of like my subconscious was telling me that anything is possible?  Whatever it was, I felt totally okay with those obscene gushes of emotion  (I wouldn’t usually).

I’m actually seeing another one of my favorite bands, Wilco, tomorrow night in Boston, and I couldn’t be more pumped.  I’ve been waiting years for this for YEARS.

1Quote from the movie Almost Famous.