Feel flows

With my second semester at school well underway, I thought I would give an update about what’s been going on in my life as a college freshie.  This is installment numero uno in what will hopefully be a few more small posts throughout the next week.

The breaking news for today–  I joined a sorority.  I know, right?  Ew.  It’s awful that this happened after I so vehemently maintained an anti-sorority stance whenever yet another one of my friends sold her soul to Greek life during the fall.  I was all, “UGH, you’re selling out to the establishment!” and they were all, “You’re missing out big time; just you wait and see!”  So, I waited.  When spring sorority recruitment, colloquially known as “rush,” rolled in last month, one of my lovely friends here convinced me to “rush” with her just so we could see what it was like.  So, I rushed.  It was definitely (and foreseeably) an uncomfortable experience, but oddly enough… I felt myself slowly getting sucked in to all the talk of “sisterhoods” and “life-long friendships” and “secret handshakes.”  It kind of reminded me of girl gang movies and 60’s girl bands and secret societies and a whole bunch of culturally interesting stuff that I devour in my free time.  So after that week-long process of making awkward, arranged small-talk with a million girls in my school’s three sororities, I wound up getting a bid for Alpha Omicron Pi.  I decided to accept the bid for a couple of reasons.  One, AOII is not your stereotypical, girly, let’s-go-out-and-party-every-night sorority that I had envisioned prior to participating in rush.  My soon-to-be “sisters” are intelligent and eccentric ladies who defy all sorority girl tropes.  Yay for breaching stereotypes!  Two, I think being in a sorority will connect me to so many new people and events here at Tufts.  It’ll be great to be part of a little community on campus, especially since I haven’t found said community within my dorm.  And three, I’ve realized that I can’t engage in the social criticism of sorority life without ever actually having experienced it.  Now I’m licensed to criticize it all I want!  Ha!  (Completely kidding.  I’m not that cynical.)  Bottom line: While I do feel slightly hypocritical for going Greek, I’m just going to laugh it off and embrace whatever joining a sorority entails.