No direction home

As promised, here is the next mini-update on what I’ve been up to lately.  Probably nothing too riveting this time around, but here goes:

1.  This semester I was promoted to the position of Assistant News Editor for my university’s official student newspaper.  It’s definitely a time commitment to be an editor, but so far I’m enjoying my duties, which include going to our news section meetings, pitching article ideas, and getting to read and edit others’ work.  To maintain my status as a member of the Daily Editorial Board, I’m also required to write one news article a week.  It sounds stressful – and sometimes it is – but it’s actually such a cool thing to get to do.  I mean, just yesterday I got to conduct an in-person interview with the Executive Vice President of the university!  So scary yet so awesome!  (She has a gigantic office and I almost got lost on my way out.)  And sometimes (like today) I even have to write tiny articles called “boxes” if there has been some sort of breaking news that we want to cover immediately in the next day’s issue.  I mean, I’ve been learning so much pointless information about my school!  I feel more in-the-know than ever in my life!  I can give the full names and titles of almost all of the major administrators and academic deans at Tufts and I bet you can’t!!!  If you want to check out my news articles, go here and search my name in the search box.

2.  I’m sorry, I know I always talk about this if you’ve spoken with me recently, but I am taking the best class ever right now.  I’m just really passionate about it and probably won’t ever stop telling people about that one time I took History of Rock’n’Roll my freshman year in college, like, even when I’m 80.  The homework for the class consists of listening to music, analyzing music, and reading about music– all stuff that I love to do.  There are a couple of short and long writing assignments to be had, but let’s be real: does writing a paper about Bob Dylan even count as homework?  The class has already introduced me to so much music that I didn’t know existed, and it’s opened my mind to genres I didn’t think I’d be fond of– country western and R&B from the 1950’s post-war era, for example.  Most importantly, it’s challenged me to think differently about artists and genres I already know and love.  Even from just a couple weeks of lectures, I feel like I have a much clearer understanding of the evolution of popular music.  One of my life goals is to become a human encyclopedia of great American music, so I’m getting closer guys!  Don’t worry, I won’t be one of those obnoxious people who go through an I’m-an-expert-since-I-took-a-college-class phase.  Completing this course will be a mere step in my lifelong pursuit.

Anyways, this post was longer than I had anticipated.  You can expect another update soon!  KBYE.