The world could show nothing to me

Last weekend my section of the newspaper went on a bonding trip to the Loj, which is a little cabin/lodge in New Hampshire run by the Tufts wilderness club.  It was simply the best.  The trip may or may not have included drag car racing in the middle of nowhere (not really but really), chocolate chip pancakes, a 50’s-esque diner, cupcakes for breakfast, triple bunk beds, a heated game of Taboo and lots of gorgeous snow.  The Tilt’n Diner, pictured below, was probably the cutest place I’ve ever eaten in.  Everything inside was so old-timey, and in the front they had for sale all these authentic vintage ads and magazines from the 40’s through the 70’s.  As we were pulling out of the parking lot, I could hear the speakers on the outside of the diner playing the song “Time of the Season” by the Zombies and for some reason I thought that was so perfect.

Above is the cabin that all 11 of us camped out in.  Yay nooooz! (Yes, that is the super official name of our news section.)

I just realized how somber the title of this post is in relation to what I actually wrote about, so I just wanted to say that I usually name my posts after a lyric of the song that I’m listening to whilst writing.  Most of the time there is no correlation whatsoever between the title and the post content.  At the moment I am going through a massive (and very overdue) Beach Boys phase, so that’s where my last couple post titles have been pirated from.  Funny how when I leave California I suddenly get attached to a band that represents LA/the surfing subculture/frolicking in the sun.  I guess I just miss my hometown a smidge!