Alone but moving

Feeling those summer vibes over here in sunny Californ-i-a!  A couple days ago, I sat down on my driveway with scissors and glue and put together this summer moodboard.  The theme, of course, is “Youth In America,” and it’s basically just some of my current pop culture obsessions vomited onto poster board.  Lots of Moonrise Kingdom, Virgin Suicides, Lolita, Ghost World and miscellaneous images on the left side/middle of the board, and then on the right side I settled for Freaks and Geeks, My So-Called Life and a Mad Men screenshot of the original Draper family – in support of the season 5 finale on Sunday!  The right side is less aesthetically “summery” than the left, but I guess from left-to-right the board can represent the gradual transition from summer to fall.

This is my second to last summer of official teenager-dom, and that sort of bums me out.  Once I hit 20, I feel like life is going to get really serious, really fast.  Right now I’m in that blissful stage in which it’s acceptable to answer “I don’t know” when people inquire about my career plans, so REST ASSURED JENNA, you can still live in your little dream world and enjoy the things you like without having to fabricate a career that involves nerding out over pop culture and listening to the Beach Boys.

In the meantime, I have a virtually full-time job at the Holiday Inn this summer.  This is my first taste of an 8-5 work day, and I’m sure it’ll be a great experience for me.  The first few weeks of summer were kind of odd since I had absolutely nothing to do all day, so the work-a-holic in me was very relieved to land a job.  Free time is wonderful, but the day that I watched six Mad Men episodes in a row (each is about 50 minutes long) was when I figured that I had to draw the line somewhere.