Crooked rain, crooked rain

Well, now that I’m out of the funk that comes along with the first two weeks of working full-time, I’ve decided to start blobbin’ again. I can’t guarantee that every post won’t be something along the lines of “I drove to work, drove home, went running, ate dinner, watched two episodes of Daria, then went to bed”– but I’ll try my best to spice things up. JK LOLZ (um, ew) I have much cooler stuff to talk about, please don’t leave.

The purpose of today’s gargantuan post is to document my presence at the Rookie Road Trip, an event I’ve been excited for since it was announced last month. Rookie is a site for teenage girls that was founded by the famous sixteen-year-old style blogger Tavi Gevinson. It’s quite similar to HelloGiggles (which I intern for), just geared towards a younger audience, less cutesy, and perhaps a little more “alternative.” I love Rookie for so many reasons, but most of all I love how it fills a gaping void in the media that’s available for teens these days.  I think the site really succeeds at having honest conversations about topics that popular teen magazines like Seventeen and Cosmo either don’t cover or fail to cover sufficiently. Basically, Rookie is a haven for girls who don’t really connect with what mainstream media has to offer.

Not to give a detailed biography or anything, but Tavi is kind of a big deal.  Besides being the editor-in-chief and creator of Rookie, she has had a wildly popular style/culture blog since age 11, has been sitting front row at New York Fashion Week every year since, gives LECTURES, gets interviewed on morning talk shows, was called the “future of journalism” by Lady Gaga, and has appeared on multiple magazine covers. All this, and she’s only 16. You have no idea how inadequate that makes me feel.

Anyhow, Tavi and a couple others from the Rookie team have been road-tripping across America for the past month, stopping in cities along the way to meet up with readers. They’ve finally reached Los Angeles, their final destination, where they set up an art show/installation called “Strange Magic” in Space 15 Twenty. All this week they’re hosting awesome events there, and I went to the yard sale event yesterday.

Since their opening party was on Saturday night and most people went to that, yesterday was incredibly laid back and there weren’t too many girls there. Given that I wanted to have the chance to chat with Tavi, I definitely chose the right day to go. I got to meet some awesome Rookie readers, as well as Tavi herself (see below photo). She was so modest and so sweet–  she even greeted everyone with a hug! I’ve been following her blog for years, so it was great to hang out with her and to confirm that she’s, like, a REAL HUMAN, not some imaginary wunderkind. My admiration and respect for Tavi is endless, and she’s been such a source of inspiration to me throughout the years. She may be younger than me, but I truly do look up to her for all she’s accomplished.

I walked with Tavi and a small group of girls through the Hollywood farmer’s market to get horchatas, which were surprisingly delicious. I also took photo-booth pictures with her back at Space 15 Twenty. That was pretty darn cool.

Below are some of my favorite parts of the art show/installation. They transformed the space into a giant teenage bedroom steeped in nostalgia, complete with records lying around everywhere, teen diaries, a bed, vomit pink glittery crap, a treehouse you could write stuff on… literally anything and everything. I especially loved the corner that was dedicated to the Beach Boys (third picture). The place was absolutely gorgeous. Inside the space, the Rookie team had also curated a pop-up shop of vintage and vintage-inspired clothing that they’d specially picked out. Naturally, I had to buy a shirt for myself as a souvenir!

While I was walking from my car to the event, I arbitrarily looked down and saw the Beach Boys’ Hollywood star. It was kind of an obsessive fangirl moment. I immediately pulled out my camera to snap a picture, just like any tourist would do. Yes, passersby, I’m a tourist in my own city, DEAL WITH IT.