This is often how it’s done

The last thing I should be doing right now is blogging, considering that it is late and I have about 60 other things to do before I hit the sack. However, I’m starting to realize that if I don’t set aside a smidgen of time every day to do something I like, I get really moody and shut down and feel like everything in the world is the worst. Hence… this slightly rushed blog post that has been borne mostly out of exhaustion– but also out of a very passionate stance that what I witnessed this weekend must be documented!

On Saturday evening, I went to a Grizzly Bear concert at the Orpheum Theatre with my friend Hannah. Grizzly Bear is a band that is responsible for stuff like this and this – in my humble opinion, some of the best music that modern bands have to offer nowadays. I’m very quick to criticize contemporary “indie” bands, so just know that I am being EXTREMELY serious when I say Grizzly Bear is the real deal.

Even so, I honestly had no idea what to expect from this concert. Grizzly Bear’s records have always been orchestrally lush and immaculately produced, so I wasn’t sure how the songs would translate to a live performance. The band totally delivered, though. I was blown away. I think I got the chills like five times, which only happens to me under the strangest of circumstances. The singers’ voices sounded almost exactly like they do on their albums; the orchestration was not at all pared down for the sake of convenience (one of the band members switched between guitar, clarinet, flute, horns and more); the set list was a perfect combination of old and new songs/they played a lot of my favorites.

I mean, it’s been four days since the show and the mere thought that I was able to experience it still makes me happy when I’m feeling overwhelmed by life.


Here’s the shirt I bought. It reads “Grizzly Bear vibes” and is probably one of my favorite concert purchases of all time. I’ve never seen a shirt embody a band as well as this one does.