See you on a dark night

There is an angel on this earth and her name is GRIMES. Actually, her name’s really Claire Boucher, but no matter. This girl is the queen of pop music – at least in my mind – and I think she might even be changing pop music as we know it. Her album Visions is breathtaking, transcendental, weird, dreamy, a sonic revolution. I’ve never heard anything like it.


I mean, look at her. SO COOL TO WATCH. She’s like a mad scientist with those soundboards:


Last night I watched an amazing documentary called Sound City, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this year. It’s directed by Dave Grohl from Nirvana and takes you through the history of the famed Sound City recording studio in Los Angeles. Starting in the ’70s, this studio was where some of the best records of all time were recorded. The film featured Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac, Nirvana (of course), Rick Springfield, Tom Petty, Fear, and so many more artists who recorded in Sound City at some point.

sound-city-poster01At the end of the film, Grohl took us into the present day and showed incredible footage of some of these artists collaborating with each other in the studio for nostalgia’s sake. Then SURPRISE, all of a sudden Paul McCartney shows up and starts jamming with the surviving members of Nirvana, and it was all just so delightful. Sir McCartney’s no Kurt Cobain (and vice versa; not trying to be disrespectful here), but it was a bizarre intermixing of worlds that somehow… worked.

*Footnote: I just did a Google search, and Death Cab recorded parts of Codes and Keys at Sound City in 2010!