I get very protective of Boston Calling Music Festival. I’ve been going to the festival since its inception in 2013 (this year was my fifth time attending and third time covering it for Sound of Boston), and I’d actually started to grow fond of Boston’s eerie, stone-cold City Hall—even though an uninformed tourist might mistake it for a jail—because I associate it with so many good times at Boston Calling.

That’s why I was a little bummed when organizers announced that the festival would be relocating to Harvard’s (massive) Athletic Complex this year. I cherished the small, independent feel of Boston Calling and didn’t want that to get lost in the glitz of Ferris wheels and multiple stages with overlapping sets.

But hey… like all good music festivals do, Boston Calling’s growing up. And I’m here to say that bigger kinda, actually did mean better for the event.

Click the links below to read my coverage for Sound of Boston with fellow writer Anna Marketti:

Day One (Friday, 5/26)
In which Francis and the Lights covers more ground on stage than a Premier League footballer and the drummer from Sigur Rós mauls over a speaker  

Day Two (Saturday, 5/27)
In which the xx cruelly withholds “Intro” until the end of the set and I simply cannot see the stage for Mumford and Sons

Day Three (Sunday, 5/28)
In which I experience my first metalcore(?) show and Diplo rolls over me in a giant, see-through hamster ball