Some Picks for End-of-Fall Listening

I’ve been so busy blogging over at Sound Of Boston (we just debuted the new domain/site design!) that I haven’t kept up my posting here, so I thought I’d put together a short list of some awesome jams. I didn’t mean for this post to have a theme, but all of these songs pretty much fall under the genres of electronic or electro-pop, so I’m just gonna roll with it and call it a day. I’ll be covering a different genre or two next time!   

“36” by Kwes

Honestly, I’m not fully convinced that this guy isn’t James Blake. The vocal similarities between the two are uncanny. Same accent, same inflection, same dripping soulfulness. I almost feel bad comparing them because one, it’s lazy, and two, Kwes is probably really sick of being called “James Blake-esque.” But at the same time, these guys are playing in the same space, and it’s going to be hard for Kwes to break free from that label, no matter how talented he is. Comparisons aside, though, this song absolutely rules.
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